Dylan Stokes joins Team Tanoshi

Tanoshi Racing Team is all about fun for youngsters in riding Motocross. As a team our goals are to have fun, be professional and act as a team in racing Motocross, Enduro, off-road and trails. 

Zone 7 MSA race 1 26 January 2014 - First race of the season at zone 7. The kids wanted to race so that's what we ended up doing. Tanoshi stands for FUN. So hard to not go racing if there is an event to ride your dirtbikes with your buddies under the sun at zone!


Dylan Stokes

Two words to sum Dylan Stokes up, motocross fanatic.  Dylan Stokes was born in Cape Town.  He is 16 years old and in Grade 11 in High School.  Dylan has been riding bikes and racing motocross since the age of 8.  Now starting at that age is quite late in the world of motocross but he worked hard and had started to show some promise.

He did extremely well winning various championships in the 65cc and 85cc divisions.  When moving up to the senior division he really started to fly.  In 2011 he won the Pro-Mini club championship by winning every race he raced of the season. Unfortunately he missed out on the win in the Regional Championship by four points due to have been forced to miss out on one race as a result of a broken wrist. 

Dylan moved up to the 125cc High School class in 2012 and it’s been an awesome year for him despite breaking his leg in February this year due to being one of the only riders in the country to triple a jump only being doubled at Melkbos race track.  He has only raced three of the six nationals due to the injury but placed 5th and 3rd and 3rd in all those races.  Locally and Regionally there was just no touching Dylan in the 125cc High School Class this year.  In the famous words of the commentators, he abducted and checked out of each, any and every race, never losing a race.

When not riding he also enjoys body boarding at the beach, a little wakeboarding and some Mauy Thai to keep fit.

Dylan’s motto: Born to ride, bred to win.


2012 Regional & Club MX Achievements

Dylan did extremely well in both the Club championship and the Regional Championship in the Western Cape in 2012.

Overall results for 2012:

1st in Club Championship

1st in Regional Championship


2012 National Championship achievements

2012 Sun City National: 5TH  Place overall

2012 Cape Town National: 3rd Place overall

2012 Port Elizabeth National:Tied in 3rd position overall

Overallresult for 2012 National Championship: 7th overallnationally, onlyhavingdone 3 or the 6 nationals.


2013 Regional & Club MX Achievements

Dylan is having a very good season locally in the 125cc High School Class.  He is dominating all the Cape Town races and racking up wins for his sponsors all year so far.

He had quite a gnarly fall about a month back but was determined to race for his sponsor.  He did race three days after the fall and although not on top form, he managed to pull off two wins and overall winner for the day, firmly keeping him in the points lead for the local championship.


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